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Welcome to R-C.UK - Specialists in RC Helicopters, RC Planes and RC Cars.

Here at Radio Controlled UK Ltd we have searched the internet to bring you the very best range of RC Cars, RC Helicopters and RC Planes at the cheapest possible prices. So whether you are looking for your very first model or are experienced in the model field you can be sure we will have the best model for you. 

Electric RC Helicopters can also be known as Radio controlled or Remote control helicopters, they typically come in three types: 

2/3 Channel Helicopters – These are the most basic and typically toy grade models. The have limit controllability but do make great gifts for someone who has never had a model helicopter before and is not looking for something to serious. The 2 or 3 channel models are designed for indoor use unless there is no wind outdoors. 

4 Channel Helicopters are recommended beginners models for someone who wants a serious RC Helicopter. They are fully controllable in every direction and the give you a real insight in to the world of rc helicopters. These models do require skill to fly, so don’t expect to pick up the controls and be flying around in no time, they take time and patience to learn to fly. 

6 Channel Models – These are the most advanced type of model helicopter and are very powerful and are even capable of flying upside down! We don’t recommend you start with a 6 channel model but they are the next step up from a 4 channel model once you have mastered the controls and can fly comfortably. In comparison to a 4 channel helicopter you will find the advanced models much more responsive on the controls and much more powerful so plenty of outdoor space is required on your first flight.

We also have a great range of RC Cars, just like with the helicopters they are also known as remote controlled or radio control cars. These models are separated in to three distinct categories.  

Electric RC Cars – These, as the title suggest run from a battery. However don’t let this fool you, battery technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and electric cars now are very fast, have a lot of torque and in many cases are much quicker than nitro models. Electric rc cars are very easy to maintain and use, you just need to charge the battery, plug it in and away you go.

Nitro RC Cars – These models are typically much bigger than electric cars and run off nitro fuel. They do require much more maintenance than electric models but you can just keep filling the tank up with fuel instead of waiting for the battery to charge which means you can have hours of uninterrupted fun, just remember you need to keep the model clean and check all bolts are tight after each run as the vibrations from nitro rc car engines can cause things to come loose.

Petrol RC Cars – Just like road cars these models run on petrol. They are very large in size, typically 1/5 scale and need lots of run to use. Petrol cars are ideal if you have access to a large area of land and you don’t mind the upkeep of keeping them clean and checking each bolt after every run.  

RC Planes or radio/remote controlled Planes are also available in electric, nitro and petrol version. Just like with helicopters and cars you need to assess how much space you have available to fly your rc plane, whether you want a simple plug and play operation such as electric, or something more involved and challenging such as the nitro or petrol models. Nitro and Petrol RC Planes are much larger in size compared to electric models and require cleaning and checking over after every flight where as electric models require very little maintenance.

Finally please visit our blog for help, information, guides and tips on everything RC Related. 

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